Finer Level of Painting and Decoration

There are now special acrylic paints for the kitchen or bathroom. Their slightly modified composition makes it possible to wash the walls without risk.

Alkyd: the foolproof paint

As easy to apply as a glycerol paint and less polluting than an acrylic paint, alkyd paint combines the advantages of both types of paint. You can trust the painters and decorators west london for the best effects.

This mixed or hybrid paint contains few chemical solvents, so its impact on the environment is limited. Much less toxic than glycerol paints, it is also odorless. Easy to apply, alkyd paint is easy to “stretch”. Drying in one hour to the touch, it provides a delicate and neat finish. After application, the tools are cleaned with water.

Alkyd paint is suitable for all rooms. Particularly suitable for bathrooms, it perfectly adorns the walls of the bathroom, if you create one in the bedroom.

Which finish to choose?

The finish of the paint will give relief to the room, a tone, create an atmosphere. Matt, satin and shiny, it is chosen according to the surfaces and the parts to be painted.

The Matte Finish, Simple And Efficient

It puts color in the spotlight for a sober and unadorned rendering.

Advantage: it covers the slight defects of the surfaces on which it is applied. Choosing a mat finish limits the preparation of the support. It is therefore particularly suitable for painting ceilings. Simple to apply, it is however less easy to clean than a satin or shiny finish.

The Satin Finish, Warm

Resistant, of good longevity, the satin finish applies in all rooms. Easy to clean, it is highly recommended for covering the walls of children’s rooms. Its appearance gives the rooms a soft and warm atmosphere. If it hides the irregularities of the walls, it does not completely hide the imperfections and therefore requires a good preparation of the support.

The Glossy, Resistant And Energy Finish

Its shiny appearance brings out the light, gives color brilliance and enlarges the rooms. In return, it accentuates the imperfections and irregularities of the walls. So check that the supports are perfectly smooth before application. High resistance, cleanable with a simple sponge, it is appreciable in water rooms (bathroom, kitchen, toilet).

Painting can brighten up a room and can even help you sleep if you’re an insomniac. But it is also a very good way to play with the volumes of a room. You can give a feeling of height to your room. By playing with the colors of the paint or the graphics, it is possible to enlarge your room.