Choosing Your Options for the Treadmills

Lack of time? Decreasing motivation? Between rainy days and shortening days, the treadmill may be the solution to continue training regularly! Discover our tips for choosing the right device.

Why equip yourself with a mat to run?

Of course, the ideal is to go out running in fine and mild weather, in a calm and relaxing environment and with enough time in front of you to enjoy your session. Except that this perfect situation almost never happens! When you want to train regularly, to relax, to lose weight or to prepare for a 10 km or a marathon, the treadmill is the ideal solution. However, given the number of existing models, we are sometimes a bit helpless. Here are a few things to choose a treadmill. For the you can find the best deal now.

Some practical “details”

Before focusing on the technical characteristics of your device, check several criteria. First, the treadmill is a bulky item. Depending on the space you have, check its dimensions carefully. If you intend to store it and unfold it each time you use it, choose a simple and resistant mechanism. There are some with hydraulic cylinders which, if they are more expensive, will simplify your life, especially for regular use.

Also remember to check if you have room to install your carpet … without having to move all your furniture. Having to move everything to get it out may discourage you and push you to postpone the session.

Finally, some models are not designed to support more than 100 kg. The weight of the runner also affects the power developed by the engine and the wear of the mat. We therefore advise you to choose a mat provided for a weight at least 20% higher than yours.

Choose your treadmill according to your practice

To choose the right carpet, it is then necessary to properly assess your level and your desires. These are the ones that will determine which powers and possibly which accessories you need.

A carpet for doing sports from time to time

If you are an occasional runner and want to train at home, maintain and relax, you can opt for the simplest treadmills, including those without a motor. For this type of practice, a model without inclination and a power of 1.5 CV will be perfectly suitable.

If you are overweight or have back or joint problems, make sure that the device has soft cushioning. A high-performance carpet can reduce impacts by almost 35%.

Be careful however, if you are already thinking about increasing your training and going to more than 30 min per week, target the higher models instead.

A mat to train and lose weight

  • For regular training, of several sessions of more than 30 minutes per week, you will have to choose a more powerful treadmill, around 2 CV, ideal for developing your cardiovascular system, losing weight or completing training in another disciplined.
  • In this spirit, an inclination of up to 10% can be interesting. Indeed, it allows to intensify the effort to burn more calories but also to work different muscles, like the glutes.

As you will be using it regularly, do not neglect certain accessories such as a USB socket to connect your MP3 player, the ergonomics of the console and the interest of the programs offered.