Gran Turismo and More games for Your Choice

Gran Turismo is obviously well known to PlayStation players. The first version of this racing game was released in 1997 in Japan, and in 1998 in Europe and the United States. Polyphony Digital has since developed six other versions (the latest, Gran Turismo 7, is still in development). What aroused the enthusiasm of the public for this game are first of all its virtual realism, as well as the depth of the sensations of piloting. The principle is to advance the career of your avatar by passing tests to unlock elements in the game. You also earn money, so you can buy more and more impressive vehicles. Use the lol smurf accounts to win the games and have the best experiences.

The pros: This is the best-selling game on PlayStation, it is proof that it is worth the detour.

The visualization of damage on vehicles is poorly done, while fans have been waiting for an update for a long time.

Burnout, for ironbreakers

Halfway between the classic racing game and GTA, Burnout is best known for its rather impressive crashes and dazzling acceleration. The vehicles offered for driving delight all lovers of beautiful graphic mechanics. This game also has a rather famous designer, Hideki Konno, creator of Mario Kart! Burnout is also a series, including 9 versions. The latest version, Burnout Crash!, Was released in 2011. It is not our favorite, however, since we have a weakness for Burnout 3: Takedown.

The pros: As the preferred mode is that of the arcade, the commands are quite simple to understand and accessible to a large audience.

The game is struggling to renew itself and the latest version, Burnout Crash! eventually gave up the race to focus on road destruction.

Crash Nitro Kart, special nostalgia

All generation Y children who were lucky enough to be offered a PlayStation in their youth, one day played Crash Bandicoot. Building on the success of the platform game, the Naughty Dog company continued its flourishing momentum by launching the spin-off Crash Nitro Kart. This new edition thus combines racing mode and platform mode, since the aim of the game is to deliver the Bandicoot clan, kidnapped by the emperor Velo XXVII. Several options are offered to the player, who can choose between simply racing, whether in a tournament or in “time trials”, or bring the story to a conclusion. As in Mario Kart, participants can collect special objects on their way to eliminate or slow down their opponents.The pros: The game has an arena mode, which gives the player the possibility to compose his own arenas.